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Me and the Rest, the hardrock-band from the Zurich Oberland, since nearly 20 years they are in the rock circus. The inveterately hardrocker gave more than 400 concerts and they never lost their goal „long live Rock’n’Roll“. Real, authentically and uncomplicated they celebrate their music, which is affected by catchy riffs, wonderful hooklines and expressive vocals.

As support-act of Molly Hatchet, DORO, Krokus, Jane, Don Dokken, Rhino Bucket and much more big acts they could put their skills also live many times. On a lot of small but also big stages they always know how to inspire the audience. Whether in the Z7 in Pratteln, in the  Alpenrockhouse, in the Albani-Club, at the Appenzeller Open-Air or at the biggest european biker meeting in Sumiswald, Me and the Rest rock like crazy!

The always good reviews of concerts and demos and the more than 4000 sold demo CD’s are a further guarantee that Me and the Rest are a musicial pearl in the hardrock scene.

The band name stands for: All for one, one for all. 5 musicians, 4 men and a woman see themselves as community, family, band. Everyone is „ME“ and all are „the rest“. They’re aware that the band as an ensemble is important and there’s no place for egocentrics.

They are connected very close to the origin of rock music. Rock'n'Roll has to come from the gut, to the unbridled joy of celebrating this music and has to spill over like a wave from the stage to the audience. They are live musicians and need contact with the public. Cool riffs, drenched in sweat, an unruly crowd, then Me and the rest feel most comfortable, that's their world.  -  Just real Rock'n'Roller.

Essential to hear them! As of now on Radio Overland. Let’s rock!